The Advantages of Custom Process Skids –

Welders working on a modular process skid

Faster Project Completion You achieve quicker turnaround on projects because facilities preparation and process system design take place at the same time. Faster Time to Market Time to market is an essential metric for any company. You can eliminate weather delays by completing the process fabrication indoors. Besides, the skid mounted process system has already…

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Modular Process Skid Fabrication –

Pump Skid assembly

What Are Modular Process Skids in the Industrial Fabrication Sector? An Overview of Custom Modular Process Skids Manufactured for Industrial Applications Modular process skids are self-contained systems that are built to perform specific industrial processes at a job site. They are also commonly referred to as skidded systems. As the name suggests, the entire plug-and-play…

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What Are Specialty Welding Services?

An Overview of Our Specialized Industrial Welding Capabilities There are a multitude of specialty welding services commonly utilized throughout the modern industrial fabrication sector. These highly skilled welding projects require specialized experience, precision equipment, and unique manufacturing materials. In many cases, specialty industrial fabrication projects also require certified welding code and quality control standards, such…

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What Is Structural Steel Welding and Fabrication?

Cantilevers being installed on a Drilling Rig

An Overview of Structural Steel Welding and Common Types of Structural Welds Structural welding is the joining of two metal components in which the welded joint is part of the structure of the finished component or framework. This is opposed to non-structural welding services, which can be used to tack components together or create aesthetic…

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4 Popular Types of Welding Processes Used for Industrial Fabrication

Flux Core Welding a Large Trough

MIG, TIG, Stick, and Flux-Core Welding Services Compared There are a multitude of different welding processes that are commonly used in the modern fabrication industry. Each type of welding service offers its own unique benefits along with some drawbacks. These advantages and disadvantages will depend upon the type of material required for your project, the…

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Metal Fabrication Services vs. Welding

Welding support structures for stainless steel tanks

Is There A Difference Between Industrial Welding and Metal Fabrication Services? Customers who are new to the world of industrial fabrication often wonder what the difference is between welding services and metal fabrication services. Technically speaking, welding is a specific form of fabrication – one of many unique fabrication processes used to build raw metal…

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Aluminum Welding

Aluminum Railing

The Best Methods for Welding Aluminum in Industrial Metal Fabrication Projects Aluminum welding services for industrial metal fabrication projects present a number of unique challenges. Compared to steel, aluminum has a lower melting point, and is more sensitive to temperature fluctuations that take place in the welding process. Furthermore, custom aluminum welding requires a perfectly…

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The Importance of Welding Consistency for Precision Metal Fabricators

Welding Specialties at Sawyer Fabrication

Welding consistency and quality are paramount in the world of precision metal fabrication. Regardless of your industry or application, the foundation of your business is ultimately built upon the quality of the products that you offer. How Sawyer Fabrication Ensures Welding Quality and Consistency Sawyer Fabrication employs responsive quality assurance processes in which every worker…

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Welding Procedure – WPS, PQR and WQT

Understanding Welding Procedure Specification (WPS), Procedure Qualification Records (PQR) and Welder Qualification Test (WQT) WPS – Welding Procedure Specifications PQR – Procedure Qualification Records, and WQT – Welder Qualification Test. What’s the Difference in the Modern Fabrication Industry? Welding management requires WPS and PQR to qualify welders to reproduce welds. Welding procedure specification (WPS) is…

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Metal Plate Cutting Services

from the Experts in Custom Metal Fabrication Sawyer Fabrication continually strives to remain at the forefront of the American manufacturing sector. Through unbeatable craftsmanship backed by precision welding and metalworking equipment, we deliver superior production solutions for your parts, assemblies, and custom fabrications. To that end, Sawyer has two CNC Plasma and Oxy-Fuel Burn Tables…

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