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Pump Skid assembly

What Are Modular Process Skids in the Industrial Fabrication Sector?

An Overview of Custom Modular Process Skids Manufactured for Industrial Applications

Modular process skids are self-contained systems that are built to perform specific industrial processes at a job site. They are also commonly referred to as skidded systems. As the name suggests, the entire plug-and-play processing system is custom fabricated into a skid, module, or frame.

As a complete “system in a box”, modular process skids are easily transportable to and from the job site. This allows for rapid setup, simpler integration, and ultimately quicker job turnaround.

What Is an Industrial Modular Process Skid and How Does It Work?

Modular process skids pack all of your production equipment into a single module. Custom skids are designed from the ground up to perform all of the specific processes you require, streamlining both transportation and setup in the field.

For example, a pump skid integrates a motor or engine, a fluid pump, and all of the required electrical controls for reliable operation. The entire modular pump skid system is then transported to and from water processing sites instead of requiring numerous separate pieces of equipment. This not only simplifies the transportation and setup processes, it also cuts down on job time while helping to ensure quality and consistency.

How Are Modular Process Skids Used?

Custom modular process skids are utilized in a diverse range of industries and industrial applications.

Modular Process Skids for the Energy Sector

Pump Skid assembly

Process Skids for Chemical Manufacturing Applications

  • Batch processing systems
  • Chemical mixing and blending
  • Centrifuge systems
  • Chemical reactors and processors
  • Distillation systems

Modular Skids for Food Processing

  • Flavor mixing
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Automated mixing and blending systems
  • Food waste processing systems

Modular Skids for Water and Wastewater Processing

  • Water distillation systems
  • Desalination plants

Custom Modular Process Skid Development and Manufacturing Services

From the engineering and testing stages of your custom skid project to precision machining and fabrication, Sawyer is your one-stop shop for quality contract manufacturing. Get in touch to discuss the development of an optimized modular process skid which satisfies all of your production requirements.

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