WELDING & Fabrication


We Transform Your Ideas and Designs Into Realities.

Sawyer's welding and fabrication capabilities and skills are second to none.

We provide flexible solutions, shorter lead times and quality craftsmanship. Our welders, fitters, fabricators, machinists and technicians are calibrated to the highest skill level. Their diverse industry-leading experience puts us a step above the competition.

Sawyer Fabrication's reputable metal shop is fully outfitted for Certified R&U stamped ASME Vessels, Piping Systems, Modular Process Skids, and Heavy Structural Weldments, along with Conventional and Custom Machining. With cutting-edge manufacturing processes and world-class craftsman, there's no fabrication job that Sawyer can't tackle. We don't shy away from engineering challenges - we thrive on them.


Shop Capabilities

  • 85,000 sq. ft. facility includes blast and paint booth
  • 35,000 sq. ft. heavy weld bay
  • 40 acre property
  • 10 acre lay-down yard
  • 70 employees
  • 7.5 ton bridge cranes (4)
  • 20 ton bridge cranes (3)
  • 1 ton jib cranes (6)
  • ½ ton cranes in machining bays (4)
  • Forklifts up to 55,000 lbs.
  • Weld machines (22)
  • Certified welders (20)
  • CNC machines (9)
  • CNC lathe machines (9)
  • Lathe machines (5)
  • Mill machines (4)
  • Drill presses (3)

Welding & Fabrication Capabilities

  • Welded Piping – for a variety of systems
  • ASME R & U Stamp vessel
  • Modular Process Skids
  • Heavy Weld
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Large Industrial Fabrication
  • Structural Fabrication
  • Conventional and Custom Machining
  • Drafting & Design
  • In-house Quality Control


Sawyer Fabrication partners with carefully-vetted companies throughout the United States and the world to provide the quickest, most cost-effective logistical system possible. Our shipping and handling expertise ensures that all of our products are delivered using the same care and expediency with which they are fabricated.

Whether your fab project is shipped locally or globally, Sawyer Fabrication guarantees it will arrive on schedule and undamaged. Our expert logistics team prepares and ships standard boxes and built-to-order crates, as well as large trailer-loaded projects.


The quality of our shop reflects the quality of our products

We believe the quality of the environment in which you work matters. Our shop stands out because it is clean and calculated. It conveys to us and our customers the pride that we take in our work. The pristine condition of our facility, our tools, and our equipment is a reflection of our masterful fabrication skills and the results they produce.

We are committed to upholding the best methodology and procedures throughout our entire manufacturing process. Efficiency is essential here at Sawyer Fabrication. Through meticulous planning, scheduling, production tracking, quality control, and skilled manpower, we are able to streamline our fabrication services. That's how we deliver such high-quality products with unbeatable turnaround times while minimizing cost.

Just a few ways that Sawyer Fabrication optimizes the entire manufacturing process include:

  • Analyzing and custom-selecting the most effective options for your unique projects.
  • Sourcing the highest quality material and services through our trusted list of vendors.
  • Streamlining productivity of our optimized welding and fabrication operations.
  • Minimizing rejects and rework for quick delivery.