Pipe Spool Fabrication Services

Pipe Spool Fabrication Services Are Critical for Today’s Industrial Facilities Custom pipe spool fabrication is a crucial service for today’s high-paced oil and gas sector, along with various other industrial applications. Essentially, pipe spool fabrication involves the off-site manufacturing and turnkey assembly of custom piping systems – including the required flanges, elbows, fittings, and valves.…

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Custom Honing Services

Honing Machine at Sawyer Fabrication

Sunnen Honing Machine at Sawyer Fabrication From Precision Honing to Large Capacity Industrial honing services are one of the most critical machining processes used throughout the industry today. While the honing process may not seem as state-of-the-art as the complex CNC machining services which are often touted by manufacturers, precision metal honing is nevertheless a…

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Special Considerations for Aerospace Machining Projects

Milling metalworking process. Industrial CNC machining of metal detail by cutting end-tooth vertical mill at factory

CNC machining services for aerospace projects demand a contract manufacturer with some extremely special skills, production equipment, and industry experience. These highly specialized manufacturers know what it takes to serve today’s state-of-the-art aerospace sector which simultaneously requires extremely small and large custom machined components with complex designs and precision tolerances – all produced with the…

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Industrial Steel Pipe Welding and Custom Fabrication Services

Pump Skid

Experience in custom steel pipe welding is critical for many of today’s industrial fabrication projects. Some of the most common applications include oil and gas pipeline welding, custom pipe weldments for chemical processing, as well as various types of modular process skids which utilize complex welded piping assemblies. Below we discuss some of the special…

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Aerospace Manufacturing

aerospace fabrication

Aerospace Manufacturing Companies in Tulsa, OK Can Help Solve Your Supply Chain Issues Aerospace manufacturing is a state-of-the-art industry that demands the utmost in precision, consistency, and responsiveness. Specialized aerospace fabricators must be capable of achieving uncompromised quality and accuracy with every product. Simultaneously, they must offer quick turnaround times to accommodate rapid response and…

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2023 Steel Pricing Forecast

Steel projects in fabrication

2023 Steel Pricing Forecast for Industrial Metal Fabrication Customers Prices in the raw materials market have been turbulent over the last few years, to say the least. Raw steel pricing is no exception, with many industrial metal fabrication customers paying well over double the pre-pandemic rate for steel throughout 2022.  The Price of Raw Steel…

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Ferrous vs. Non-Ferrous Metals

Welding metal fabrication

A Quick Lesson What is the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metals? The basic answer is: Ferrous metals have iron and non-ferrous metals do not have iron. Simple enough, right? Well, the distinctions become more varied when you start discussing specific applications. Ferrous metals include: Ferrous Alloy and Carbon Steel used in Metal Fabrication Ferrous…

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Five Key Qualities to Look for in Your Aerospace Fabrication Service Provider

Aerospace fabrication for rocket missions

Today’s aerospace fabrication service providers must be able to achieve absolute precision and consistency with every product – all while reliably meeting extremely strict production schedules. However, exceptional quality and high speed are far from the only key attributes needed to ensure successful contract manufacturing in the aviation and spaceflight sectors. Your aerospace provider should…

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Aerospace Fabrication –

Fabrication for aerospace technology

Precision Aerospace Fabrication Services for Complex Components and Weldments Sawyer Fab offers the precision and flexibility to tackle complex aerospace steel fabrication projects as well as ASME pressure vessel welding for the aviation and spaceflight industries. Our custom aerospace fabrication experience includes industrial stairs, ladders, and platform systems installed within the facilities of leading spaceflight…

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