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Pipe Spool Fabrication Services Are Critical for Today’s Industrial Facilities

Custom pipe spool fabrication is a crucial service for today’s high-paced oil and gas sector, along with various other industrial applications.

Essentially, pipe spool fabrication involves the off-site manufacturing and turnkey assembly of custom piping systems – including the required flanges, elbows, fittings, and valves. This process offers numerous advantages in operational efficiency and jobsite safety. It also allows for complex piping installs to be more easily carried out in the field, especially in space-constrained locations.

What does the pipe spool fabrication process typically involve?

While specific components will vary, a basic pipe spool is a pre-fabricated assembly of piping, fittings, and valves that is manufactured off-site, then brought to the jobsite and installed in a turnkey fashion. The overall piping system is divided into sections for ease of assembly. These separate sections are called pipe spools.

Custom pipe spools are generally fabricated off-site to streamline the manufacturing process within a controlled environment. This is because for many applications, properly fabricating complex piping systems would be impossible in the field – especially in the case of highly sensitive oilfield and chemical processing equipment. Whether due to spatial constraints, worker safety, or contamination concerns, off-site pipe spool fabrication is often the answer.

The fabricator typically begins with a customer-supplied isometric piping diagram, which provides a 3D layout of all pipes and interconnected components. All of these specifications must be followed with absolute precision to ensure full component compatibility and a smooth future installation process.

At Sawyer Fabrication, we employ additional quality controls to ensure all pipe spools are manufactured to exact specifications, such as following all relevant American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME guidelines and the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) in our welding services.

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What custom components go into a pipe spool fabrication?

Custom pipe spools are generally manufactured from pre-fabricated sections of pipe in various lengths, which include various bends, elbows, tee fittings, and flanges for interconnection. For many applications, valves and associated components are also installed in the pipe spool to facilitate a truly turnkey installation process.

Common Pipe Spooling Components:

  • Pipes – Obviously, the main components of any pipe spooling system are the pipes themselves, which are carefully designed to achieve specific flow characteristics.
  • Flanges and Connectors – Connecting different sections of piping, or connecting pipes to external equipment, requires custom flanges and connectors which bolt the pipes together.
  • Valves and Fittings –  Various pipe spool valves and fittings are used to carefully regulate and/or direct the flow within the piping system.

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Sawyer Fabrication offers more than 75 years of experience in welding and manufacturing. We bring that expertise into the fabrication of custom industrial pipe systems. Based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, we provide superior American fabrication services for the oil and gas sector, energy industry, and beyond.