Custom Pipe Supports

Skid with Pipe Supports built by Sawyer Fabrication

Custom Pipe Supports for Oilfield Pipeline and Industrial Piping Applications

Custom pipe supports are a crucial component for today’s oilfield and gas pipeline operators, as well as a wide range of other industrial piping applications. We fabricate pipe supports in various unique configurations designed to accommodate the specific needs of each project, which are often highly customized and complex.

Of course we have to consider the basics – like piping diameter, height, and the weight of the supported system – but beyond that are numerous other considerations, like future expansion plans and ongoing maintenance requirements. At Sawyer, we offer a full selection of custom pipe supports that will suit the needs of virtually any modern industrial piping application.

Various Pipe Support Configurations to Accommodate Virtually Any Complex Piping Installation

Adjustable Pipe Stands

As the name suggests, adjustable pipe stands let you set a custom height to streamline the installation process and accommodate the widest range of piping projects possible. Available with custom adjustment dimensions, our adjustable stands cover piping diameters from 2″ all the way up to 54″ pipe. This innovative pipe support solution is also available with multiple head options including standard pipe as well as valve fittings, flanges, elbow fittings.

Adjustable Elbow Supports

Designed specifically to support industrial piping systems at elbow locations, our adjustable pipe elbow stands offer all of the time- and labor-saving convenience of our standard adjustable stands. Covering pipe sizes ranging 2″ to 28″ in diameter, our elbow supports accommodate both long and short radius piping. They are available with 45-degree elbow bends as well as custom diameter bends to accommodate virtually any custom piping applications.

Adjustable Flange Supports

In addition to elbow supports, Sawyer manufacturers adjustable pipe flange supports engineered specifically for ease of installation and reliability in flange locations. These high-strength industrial pipe supports are available in all ANSI as well as custom diameters for compatibility with virtually any oil and gas pipeline project or other industrial piping application.

Adjustable Pipe Clamps

We also manufacture adjustable pipe clamps to reliably clamp, secure, and support virtually any custom piping diameter. We offer adjustable pipe clamps in all standard sizes, as well as in shim-block-adjustable configurations with custom liners. Our industrial pipe clamps are a high-strength, robust solution that hold up to the abuses of the modern industrial environment while making pipe access, maintenance, and replacement much easier.

An Overview of Common Types of Industrial Pipe Supports:

Pipe Clamps

Perhaps the most common component found in industrial pipe supports, pipe clamps link individual sections of pipe to the larger piping structure. Some of the most common configurations include u-bolt pipe clamps and saddle clamps.

Pipe Hangers

Pipe hangers suspend sections of pipe from the larger piping structure or from overhead supports. Some of the most common hanger designs include clevis, rod and loop pipe hangers.

Pipe Rollers

Pipe rollers laterally support separate sections of pipe while allowing some leeway for pipe expansion and contraction.

Pipe Shoes

Pipe shoes hold the weight of the piping system in key areas that require extra support, such as bend locations or sharp directional changes which can compromise the freestanding strength of the pipe.

Welding and fabrication  at Sawyer Fabrication

Custom Pipe Support Fabrication Services for Your Unique System

Sawyer is backed by more than 75 years of experience in the fabrication of custom pipe supports and related industrial piping components. Our specialty welding services include complete steel pipe welding services for the oil and gas sector, energy industry, and beyond.