Meter Tube Honing Services

Meter Tube Honing Services for Oil & Gas Pipeline and Other Flow Meter Applications

Gas flow meters are critical components in many unique industries today – from the oilfield to the factory floor to commercial/residential gas delivery systems.

No matter the application, flow meter tubes require a specific bore with dimensional precision, as well as a smooth surface finish that facilitates streamlined flow characteristics. Enter Sawyer’s highly accurate meter tube honing services.

While we don’t produce meter tubes or meter runs in-house, our machine shop is highly experienced in the performance of custom honing services for flow meter tubes and related industrial components. 

Meter Tube Honing to Achieving Laminar (Streamline) Flow

Beyond achieving specific bore diameters with precision tolerances, our flow meter tube honing services achieve the smooth surface finish required for optimum flow characteristics. Referred to as laminar, or streamline flow, this optimization allows for more efficient gas transport/delivery, as well as more reliable flow metering and other sensor data.

In oilfield and gas pipeline applications, laminar flow ensures that the oil or gas moves uniformly as efficiently as possible, minimizing turbulence that can disrupt capacity and lead to other equipment issues. In virtually all applications, precision meter run honing facilitates reduced energy costs by avoiding pressure drops within the pipeline along with general friction and resistance.

Another advantage of honing for laminar flow is a reduction in sediment accumulation within the equipment. Without streamlined flow, turbulence can create pockets of sediment and debris on the interior of the piping, further hindering the flow efficiency. Similarly, for oil flow meter applications, oil foaming and emulsification are minimized.

Operating the Honing Machine

Precision Honing Services for the Energy Sector and Other Industrial Applications

Part Size Ranges and Capacities:

  • Part Inner Diameter (ID) Range – 2.5″ to 21″
  • Part Outer Diameter (OD) Maximum –  Up to 24″
  • Part Length Maximum – Up to 20″
  • Surface Finish Range – 125 RMS to 8 RMS
  • Honing Stroke Speed Range – 5 to 90 ft per minute

Superior American Machining Solutions for Flow Meter Tube Honing

Sawyer Fabrication provides our customers with complete industrial metalworking capabilities including meter tube honing and other highly specialized processes. Based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma since 1948, we offer superior American contract manufacturing and machining services for the oil and gas sector, the greater energy industry, and beyond.