Special Considerations for Aerospace Machining Projects

Milling metalworking process. Industrial CNC machining of metal detail by cutting end-tooth vertical mill at factory
Milling metalworking process. Industrial CNC machining of metal detail.

CNC machining services for aerospace projects demand a contract manufacturer with some extremely special skills, production equipment, and industry experience. These highly specialized manufacturers know what it takes to serve today’s state-of-the-art aerospace sector which simultaneously requires extremely small and large custom machined components with complex designs and precision tolerances – all produced with the highest degree of quality and consistency possible.

Part Size Flexibility

Custom machined aerospace parts come in all shapes and sizes. Many contract manufacturing projects require extremely small or micro-machined components, which can be well under 1” in size. On the other end of the spectrum, large aerospace parts and assemblies can easily reach several feet in length and/or width.

For this reason, aerospace machining service providers must be able to accommodate a wide range of part sizes. Case in point: Sawyer Fabrication regularly machines small aerospace components as small as 0.05” and as large as 120” in length/width.

Complex machining in a variety of sizes

Complex Component Geometries

Along with a wide range of part sizes come a multitude of unique shapes and configurations. Aerospace CNC machining is often used for bringing extremely complicated designs to life, offering the ability to custom manufacture even the most complex components with precision tolerances.

Moreover, CNC machining offers contract manufacturers the accuracy and repeatability to produce these highly specialized products in virtually unlimited quantities with minimum manufacturing errors.

At Sawyer Fabrication, we offer the versatility required for aerospace machining projects with our full variety of cutting-edge CNC technology. Our precision machining equipment includes both vertical and horizontal CNC mills, CNC lathes with live tooling, along with a complete in-house manual machining department.

Auxiliary and Ancillary Manufacturing Services

As flexible as CNC machining services are, aerospace manufacturing is often not a one-and-done affair. After an aerospace part is custom machined, additional post-production services are often necessary. Sometimes these secondary processes are as simple as metal finishing – whether functional or aesthetic. In other cases, auxiliary services can include custom welding of the machined components or complete turnkey assembly.

ASME Pressure Vessels built for an Aerospace company in Florida

Experienced American Fabrication Services for the Flight Sector

Sawyer Fabrication provides the precision and flexibility necessary to take on most challenging custom machining projects for aerospace, health, food, energy industries and beyond. Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our facility’s in-house CNC machining department is equipped to deliver superior quality, consistency, and dependability to your supply chain.

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