Metal Plate Cutting Services

from the Experts in Custom Metal Fabrication

Sawyer Fabrication continually strives to remain at the forefront of the American manufacturing sector. Through unbeatable craftsmanship backed by precision welding and metalworking equipment, we deliver superior production solutions for your parts, assemblies, and custom fabrications.

Cutting components on the burn table
Alltra Burn Table – cutting components

To that end, Sawyer has two CNC Plasma and Oxy-Fuel Burn Tables that include key features such as high-speed torch positioning, digital control of the preheat and cut gases, and options for automatic height control.

• Alltra 10’x40’ burn table with HD plasma capabilities to pierce up to 1” plate and 6” plate with oxy-fuel

• Alltra 10’x40’ burn table with HD plasma capabilities to pierce up to 2” plate and cut 3“ with plasma and pierce up to 10” plate with oxy-fuel

The Alltra burn table system is designed specifically for heavy-duty use, over large areas, in the most demanding of industrial applications. The system integrates computerized controls using SolidWorks CAD software to allow custom cutting, beveling, and marking for a wide range of metal fabrication uses. The burn tables help increase productivity and cut down on wasted materials, for overall efficiency.

CNC programming burn table
CNC cutting with computer automated programming- Burn table

Complete, Cost-Effective Metal Cutting and Custom Fabrication Solutions

Sawyer Fabrication’s upgraded water jet cutting system delivers both precision and versatility. If your fabrications require complex component designs and specialized materials, you’ve come to the right American metal shop.

Sawyer Fabrication’s team of skilled craftsmen are experienced with a wide variety of these steel types and can customize any project you have in mind. Contact us today to find out more.

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