Choose Sawyer Fabrication

Choosing a fabrication partner is a big deal and comes with many variables. With so many different possible fabrication shops, and with each one offering something different, how can you possibly make an informed decision? Here are a few things you should consider when taking this all-important step.


Custom Metal Fabrication projects

We thrive on variety – which constantly improves and expands our capabilities.

  • What are this shop’s capabilities? This is one of the first questions to ask and for obvious reasons. Is it possible for this shop to complete your project to your satisfaction? If they can complete it, does their turnaround time meet your schedule? Finally, if at first glance, their capabilities don’t quite measure up, are they willing and able to tailor their capabilities and your project in a way that is satisfactory?

Sawyer Fabrication is fully outfitted for Piping, ASME Vessel, Heavy Weld and Structural Weld along with Conventional, and Custom Machining. Furthermore, Sawyer features a staff of highly skilled and highly trained craftsmen who are eager to work on projects of all types. Their mentality allows and encourages them to take on new challenges, aggressive timelines and big ideas. There isn’t a job they’re unwilling to tackle. View our completed projects to see if Sawyer is the right fit for your custom fab project.

Certifications & Experience

Quality Control Inspector

Our Quality Control Inspector inspects all fab projects in the shop.

  • What certifications does this shop hold, and what experience does its staff have? Have they ever worked on a project like mine? If not, how do they plan to accomplish what I need?

Sawyer is officially certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the National Board of Inspection Code (NBIC) with R-Stamp and U-Stamp certifications, meaning Sawyer’s shop is capable of meeting ASME and NBIC standards for the fabrication, repair, and alteration of boilers, pressure vessels, and other pressure retaining items. Sawyer thrives on variety and has earned a reputation of “Sawyer will do it.” We service a wide variety of clients with a wide variety of characteristics and requirements. This experience makes Sawyer especially qualified to meet your fabrication needs.

From the quote to finish, our experienced Project Management teams track and manage all fab projects to ensure outstanding workmanship and process control with on-time delivery. We do not cut corners on quality, our full-time Quality Control Inspector guarantees the project exceeds customer expectations. Our exemplary client satisfaction rate is a testament to our ability to perform high caliber work.

ASME - R & U Stamps


  • What is the culture like at this shop? Are these people I believe in and want to work with?

Culture is built up within the walls of Sawyer’s facility. Optimism. Fearlessness. Creativity. These aren’t just words to Sawyer; they embody the very essence of the shop. Our shop desires to be challenged and take on new projects for the first time. We take pride in our work and our environment, Sawyer has a full-time cleaning crew to make sure our shop is always clean and organized. Our skilled workforce works as a team to cultivate a culture of excellence.

Clean Shop Floor

We take pride in our work area – the Sawyer shop is always clean! Stop in for a tour.

Customer Service

  • What is this shop’s attitude toward customer service? If I’m not satisfied with my project, what will they do?

Since Sawyer Manufacturing opened its doors 70 years ago, its focus on customer service has been second to none, and that mentality, of course, continues on with the company’s fabrication division. We place an emphasis on customer satisfaction and support. Sawyer truly believes in people and prides itself on going beyond what is expected to guarantee our clients are more than satisfied with every aspect of their fabrication projects.

Contact Sawyer Fabrication today, and ask us a few of these questions. You are sure to be pleased with our answers.